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38Re: AI-GEOSTATS: Global Warming

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  • Patrick van Laake
    Jan 2, 2001
      "(Ted Harding)" wrote:

      > I would be interested to learn of references to _data_ and to
      > good discussions of such data which are relevant to a hypothesis
      > of true global warming.

      If you are interested in RAW data (that is, globally exhaustive observations which are usually compiled into low-level products: radiation budget, clouds, precipitation, etc; at medium spatial (1km ~ 300km) and
      temporal (1h ~ 1 mo) scales) there is no better place to start searching than http://eosweb.larc.nasa.gov/.

      > By "true global warming" I mean in effect a sustained positive
      > trend in the total heat content of the Earth's air and water
      > (including major ice and snow masses and no doubt some allowance
      > for the surface of the Earth itself).
      > No doubt a good statement of what I mean would have to be more
      > sophisticated, but you get the idea.
      > The idea specifically being to consider also an alternative
      > hypothesis whereby currently reported climatic changes, described
      > as "global warming", may be manifestations of a redistribution of
      > heat that is there already.

      The above site being run by the most powerful government in the World, expect stated hypotheses to be politically coloured. No doubt many people would like an "alternative" hypothesis to be validated
      (particularly their new oil-sheikh cum president-elect).

      > A nice question in spatial statistics, I feel.
      > With thanks in advance; interesting contributions will be
      > summarised to the list.
      > And, from globally warmed Manchester (-10 deg. C last night,
      > allegedly), a Happy New Year to all.
      > Ted.

      Likewise from globally warmed Edmonton, where once the dinosaurs roamed.


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