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2509[ai-geostats] about cross-validation

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  • M. Nur Heriawan
    Apr 26, 2006
      Dear everyone,

      One of my colleague asked me about the mathematical
      equation of cross-validation method (leave-one-out
      method), and I said that it depends on the estimation
      method he used. He wants to know the general
      mathematical equation to define a cross-validation

      So far, in my experience, such method is performed
      just to check...which variograms model we used in
      (kriging) estimation are correct (valid).

      But cross-validation method should be used also to
      check the validation of any kind of estimation methods
      beyond kriging.

      May someone address me to a reference or book
      discussed in detail about cross-validation
      (leave-one-out) method, especially in mathematical
      point of view. Any kind of information related to this
      method is also appreciated.

      Many thanks for kind attention.


      Nur Heriawan
      Earth Resources Exploration Research Group
      Faculty of Earth Sciences and Mineral Technology
      Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia

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