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2488[ai-geostats] A novice question

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  • West, Nancy (DOH)
    Mar 23 9:03 AM
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      A novice question

      Hi all,

      I am trying to do a simple interpolation of just 17 values with a very wide range from about 0.12 to 6500 over about a city block area.  Being a novice, I decided to use a simple method without assumptions and few parameters to set.  So, I chose local polynomial interpolation.  It turned out about the way we expected.  I set it to just four classes for easy identification.  BTW, I am using ESRI's Geostatistical Analyst.

      I was asked to overlay the sample points with the values labeled.  It was then pointed out to me that there were sampled values such as 14 that are in the interpolated class range of 900 to 6500. 

      My questions are "Can this be correct?" and "If so, how?"  Also, is there a reference anyone can point me to that explains this?

      Hopefully, I will learn more about this in April at Isobel's 0 to Kriging course.  Hi, Isobel! 

      Thanks for any guidance you can give me on this.


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