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2478[ai-geostats] Bertil Matern's book: Spatial Variation

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  • Luke Spadavecchia
    Mar 12, 2006
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      Hello all,

      I was wondering if anyone knows of an e-book version (second edition,
      which I believe is in English) of Matern's book "Spatial Variation",
      which was part of the Springer lecture notes on statistics series. I
      think it was volume 36 or so. I have been trying to get my hands on a
      copy for some time, and would be very grateful to anyone who could point
      me in the right direction. Otherwise, perhaps someone has a dusty old
      copy taking up space on a bookshelf? If so I would be happy to pay a
      fair price for it. I would be prepared to pay for a version in the
      original Swedish too.

      Many thanks

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