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2441[ai-geostats] sgems software

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  • Alexandre Boucher
    Mar 1, 2006
      To all,

      The geostatistics group at Stanford will give a free workshop, April 14-15 in
      Half Moon Bay, Califormia, to present our new open-source software sgems.
      sgems is set to replace the Fortran library gslib.

      More detailed information may be found here

      The group is limited to 25 participants, there is no fee. Interested party has
      to send us their candidacy (see the link above). It is open to anyone with
      knowledge of geostatistics, and that is interested to use the sgems software
      for courses, research or consultancy. It is not a short course on
      geostatistics, but on how to use the software.


      Alexandre Boucher
      PhD Candidate
      Geological & Env Sciences
      Stanford University