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2264RE: [ai-geostats] Kriging Variance

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  • Digby Millikan
    Nov 6, 2005
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      I think if your data is normally distributed, your kriging variance is normally distributed.

      You will have higher kriging variances for sam ples which have higher variogram values





      From: Feng Liu [mailto:asherliu@...]
      Sent: Wednesday, 2 November 2005 4:32 AM
      To: 'AI Geostats mailing list'
      Subject: [ai-geostats] Kriging Variance


      Dear List:


      Got two questions about Kriging variance, If i have an area of interest, many known points and I want to use kriging to estimate grid points all over the area.  


      1. Suppose stationarity, should kriging variance following a normal distribution? or should it be random?


      2. Besides configuration of known samples, what are the other factors that may affect the magnitude of kriging variance at a give location?



      Thank you very much

      Feng Liu

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