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  • sebastiano.trevisani@unipd.it
    Jul 2, 2005
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      Well, Simone in my Ph.D thesis (available online, see geostatistics in other
      language on ai-geostats web site)I tried to explain it in a simple way...
      S. Trevisani
      Scrive Simone Sammartino <marenostrum@...>:

      > Dear all
      > about Irf-k...
      > I can't understand the link between the two approach explaining the
      > Irf-k theory...
      > 1st approach:
      > The Irf-k approach is based on a generalization of the intrinsic model,
      > in which the coefficients of the combination of the variables in the X
      > points are such that the combination of monomials of the variables
      > (computed with such coefficients) is zero mean and second order
      > stationary. In the intrinsic model the coefficients are 1 and -1 and the
      > linear combination of the variables with such coefficients (the
      > increment) is second order stationary. Now...how to insert the
      > generalized covariance in this speech?...
      > 2nd approach:

      > The non stationary random function is seen as the sum of a trend and a
      > residual (as in UK?!)...such trend is the linear combination of
      > monomials of the variables (as in UK?!) with the said coefficients. And
      > the generalized covariance?
      > Reassuming...I did not understand the Irf-K theory...

      > Someone can explain it to me? or suggest some clear refer?
      > Thank you
      > Simone
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