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2075[ai-geostats] Biased sampling spatial relationship

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  • Reza Nazarian
    Jun 2, 2005
      Dear Experts
      To understand semivariograms in case of biased sampling, could you please
      explain me what is arithmetic mean of the first data points and arithmetic
      mean of the second data points within data pairs for a particular lag
      distance. ( I am reading the book: Applied Geostatistics for Reservoir
      Characterization;Mohan Kelkar...,2002,page 68)
      I need to know why they may be different. I was thinking if there are pairs
      of data, either first point of the pair or second point of the pair will be
      the same in number and if a sample could be the first point of the pair, it
      would be the second also in another place of the calculation chain and the
      mean of both first and second points in data pairs if we calculate them
      separately show the same mean because they are at the end the same???

      Please advise

      Very Best Regards
      Reza Nazarian
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