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2022Re: [ai-geostats] Re: Who is J. W. Merks???

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  • Edzer J. Pebesma
    Apr 30, 2005
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      Thanks, Isobel, for the explanation. Some people never get it,
      the difference between design-based and model-based methods.
      From the other side it is also true that there are
      geostatisticians, even famous ones, who keep arguing that design-
      based methods (methods that essentially assume independent
      observations) are not applicable to spatial problems, even
      when spatial random sampling has been used.

      A useful reference for design-based methods is:

      DE GRUIJTER, J. J. & C. J. F. TER BRAAK (1990), Model-Free Estimation
      from Spatial Samples: A Reappraisal of Classical Sampling Theory.
      Mathematical Geology 22, pp. 407-415.
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