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2019Re: [ai-geostats] Re: Who is J. W. Merks???

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    Apr 30, 2005
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      I think this man just wants to get more attention by making some noise.

      Geostatistics is the great contribution of geoscientists outside the
      mainstream of statistics to the science. I also ever met a reviewer.
      The guy never agree that parameters should estimated from correlated

      At the beginning of the development of kriging, I guess Professor G.
      Matheron must met lots of challenges. As Professor Journel pointed out,
      geostatistics does not pursue recognition of mainstream mathematics, it
      pursues recognition from practioners. It is great because it is useful.
      If just checking geostatistics purely from the view of conventional
      mathematics, there are lots of places to attack.

      But our understanding of geostatistics also should not stop on the
      conventional geostatistics. Geostatistics is also evolving. The recent
      proposed multi-point geostatistics is quite innovative. In addition,
      Markov chains are also evolving toward a new non-kriging geostatistics.

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      From: "Edzer J. Pebesma" <e.pebesma@...>
      Date: Saturday, April 30, 2005 6:51 am
      Subject: Re: [ai-geostats] Re: Who is J. W. Merks???

      > Thanks, Isobel, for the explanation. Some people never get it,
      > the difference between design-based and model-based methods.
      > From the other side it is also true that there are
      > geostatisticians, even famous ones, who keep arguing that design-
      > based methods (methods that essentially assume independent
      > observations) are not applicable to spatial problems, even
      > when spatial random sampling has been used.
      > A useful reference for design-based methods is:
      > DE GRUIJTER, J. J. & C. J. F. TER BRAAK (1990), Model-Free Estimation
      > from Spatial Samples: A Reappraisal of Classical Sampling Theory.
      > Mathematical Geology 22, pp. 407-415.
      > --
      > Edzer
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