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2011[ai-geostats] Who is J. W. Merks???

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  • PCollier@xstrata.com.au
    Apr 30, 2005
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      Hi List
      I was searching for geostats books on www.amazon.com and came across a reviewer by the name of J. W. Merks who has trashed every single geostatistical publication available.  This is what he had to say about Geostatistics : Modeling Spatial Uncertainty (Wiley Series in Probability and Statistics) by Jean-Paul Chil├Ęs, Pierre Delfiner :
      "Geostatistics is a fatally flawed variant of mathematical statistics because it violates the requirement of functional independence and ignores the concept of degrees of freedom. Google "bre-x bogus barren" and look under "Geostatistical Fiction" to find out what the author and similarly challenged scholars know about degrees of freedom. Ironically, unbiased statistical inferences are impossible to obtain without taking degrees of freedom into account. The author has been asked to explain why the variance of a SINGLE distance-weighted average is replaced with the variance of a SET of distance-weighted averages. His reply will be posted ASAP."
      He said this about the GSLIB2 manual:
      "Geostatistics is a fundamentally flawed variant of mathematical statistics because it violates the requirement of functional independence and ignores the concept of degrees of freedom. Each weighted average had its on variance wen Sir Ronald A Fisher was knighted in 1952 but when the distance-weighted average mutated into an honorific kriged estimate, it became the first and only weighted average to be reborn without its variance. Incredibly, kriging variances and kriging covariances of sets of kriged estimates are the cornerstones of geostatistics. Incredible indeed because the variance of a set of distance-weighted averages is as inane a measure for variability, precision and risk as its covariance is for spatial dependence.

      Hailed by pundits as a new science but dismissed by skeptics as a sham, geostatistics is applied to small data sets in large sample spaces by assuming spatial dependence, interpolation by kriging, perfect smoothing and rigging the rules of mathematical statistics. Statistics 101 ought to be compulsory for those who assume the requirement of functional independence can be violated a little but not a lot."

      Can anyone tell me what this guy is talking about?  Is he a nutter?  Does he need to get a life?  Who is he anyway?

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