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  • WARR Benjamin
    Nov 21 9:12 AM
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      Hi All,

      When performing SIS we have a choice of the max. no. of data nodes and
      simulated nodes to use . Is there a general rule defining the number of
      simulated nodes ? A ratio between the two, beyond which we are really
      risking artefact creation ? Or any work which highlights the effect of
      using either a dense set of simulated nodes as opposed to a sparse set. I
      have thought about the issue and other than an effect on the time taken to
      simulate the full domain I can't see why a choice of the number of simulated
      nodes will alter the realisations to a great extent. Any conficting

      Benjamin Warr
      Research Associate to Prof. Ayres,
      PhD Student of Geostatistics for Natural Resource Evaluation at Reading
      University, Soil Science.

      Postal Address:
      Centre for the Management of Environmental Resources (CMER)
      Boulevard de Constance,
      77305 Fontainebleau Cedex,

      Tel: 33 (0)1 60 72 40 00 ext. 4926
      Fax: 33 (0)1 60 74 55 64
      e-mail: benjamin.warr@...

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