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1973[ai-geostats] Re: Automatic Kriging

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  • Mach Nife
    Mar 31 12:56 PM
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      In fact, what I really needed to achieve was something
      only "good looking" I guess. A "good looking, not too
      much scientific, smooth" surface! ;-)

      I finally found my own answer:

      10 lin(2000)

      It produces a nice surface, with transitions between
      points fading smoothly.

      This way, it's possible to create, programmatically, a
      "pretty good" result, using the extent of the data for
      the Range. It seems that the Sill value doesn't have a
      very noticeable effect. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm just a
      beginner in the subject, and I'm not very deep into it yet.

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