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1971[ai-geostats] Automatic Kriging

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  • Mach Nife
    Mar 30, 2005
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      I know kriging is a very interactive process:
      Semivariograms, fitting a model, etc.

      What I want to do is kriging by programmation
      (Automatic). I want to call gstat from another
      application, and then import the kriging result into
      that application. I would like the process to be
      completely non-interactive, and be able to produce a
      nice surface.

      What I don't understand is, how to, automatically,
      calculate all the parameters (Sill, Range, Nugget) and
      fit the "perfect" model so it produce a as sharp as
      possible result.

      Mostly the sample will be forest inventory plots (with
      tree density).

      Any Ideas?

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