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1933RE: [ai-geostats] Kriging along streams

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  • Noemi Barabas
    Feb 24, 2005
      Dear Oscar,

      It sounds like you need kriging in a single dimension. If so, I think what
      you need to do is a kind of coordinate transformation, for example using
      river mile as your distance vector. You would also need to pay attention to
      the dates of the samples. Variation in time might obscure spatial trends
      along the river's course if you just have a few sampling events at different
      times for the stations.

      If you have data in space as well as time, there are several methods for
      space-time interpolation. Constructing correlograms for data vs time on
      paired stations could give you an idea of what constitutes a data pair for
      kriging purposes in terms of the time lag between them. Methods will differ
      depending on whether it is the time or space dimension that is more densely

      References on techniques include the following:

      For straightening rivers (which might be more involved than you need):

      Barabas, N., Goovaerts, P. and P. Adriaens. 2001. Geostatistical assessment
      and validation of uncertainty for three-dimensional dioxin data from
      sediments in an estuarine river. Environmental Science & Technology, 35(16):

      For space-time data:

      Pebesma and de Kwaadsteniet (1997) Mapping spatial and temporal variation of
      groundwater quality in the Netherlands. In GeoENVI - Geostatistics for
      Environmental Applications, eds., Soares et al, pp. 139-151. Kluwer
      Academic Publishers, Netherlands.

      Kyriakidis and Journel (1999) Geostatistical space-time models: A review.
      Mathematical Geology (not sure which volume etc.)

      Heuvelink et al (1996) Spatio-temporal kriging of soil water content. In
      Geostatistics Wollongong '96, eds Baafi and Schofield. pp. 1020-1030.
      Kluwer Academic Publishers,Netherlands.


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      From: oscar garcia [mailto:osgarcia@...]
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      Subject: [ai-geostats] Kriging along streams

      Dear list members,

      I want to perform kriging of water quality indicators
      measured in stations along a river course, so Can you
      help me with references about kriging along streams in
      a river basin?? is there software to perform this kind
      of analysis???

      Thanks in advance for your help,

      Oscar Javier García-Cabrejo
      Master in Hydrosystems, Civil Engineering Department
      Pontificia Universidad Javeriana
      Bogota, Colombia
      South America

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