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1904Re: [ai-geostats] Sampling design...

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    Feb 1, 2005
      Yes variogram can help you bot most to be representative of the
      variability at short distances, if you have the possibility a good way
      is to make a dense sampling in cross form, locally in your area, then
      you will have a representative variogram, an the possibility of test the
      estimation with different densities using jacknife or classic cross

      It is not recommended to use only as criteria the kriging variance for
      positioning the new points because it depend only of the sample position
      (and the variogram model)


      Adrian Martinez Vargas
      CFSG Student...
      *Centre de Geostatistique* de l'Ecole des Mines de Paris
      35 Rue St Honore, 77300 Fontainebleau, FRANCE

      Simone Sammartino escribió:

      >Dear All
      >any suggestions for determining the best sampling design for spatial data?...
      >I mean I have some samples and I want to determine if the sampling design chosen is good or not...if the sampling space is short enough to catch the spatial variability....
      >The variogram show a quite high nugget effect, but I would like to know a quantitative values of suggested next sampling design...
      >Dr. Simone Sammartino
      >PhD student
      >- Geostatistical analyst
      >- G.I.S. mapping
      >I.A.M.C. - C.N.R.
      >Geomare-Sud section
      >Port of Naples - Naples
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