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1852Re: [ai-geostats] Regression vs. Kriging vs. Simulation vs. IDW

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  • Digby Millikan
    Jan 1, 2005
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      Linear regression : not really an estimation technique for spatial data,
      though regression forms some of the basic
      theory for the derivation of kriging equations.
      Splines : not really an estimation technique, just something
      used to make curves smooth on contour plots.
      IDW : after polygonal techniques the simplest of spatial
      modelling techniques, does not take into
      account clustering of data.
      Kriging : a spatial modelling technique superior to IDW
      when you have reasonable variograms, and
      takes into account clustering of data and
      instead of using distance to weight samples
      uses your variogram (sometimes referred to
      as statistical distance).
      Conditional simulation: a spatial modelling technique of a special sort.
      Where kriging gives you the "best" estimate.
      Simulation is used to analyse other possible
      outcomes for your sample set, so you can
      see the effects if reality varies from the
      "best" model. Example use includes planning
      for chemical purchases at a metallurgical
      plant, so you can plan for variations from
      your kriged model should they occur.

      Digby Millikan
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