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1771[ai-geostats] F and T-test for samples drawn from the same population

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  • Colin Badenhorst
    Dec 3, 2004
      Hello everyone,
      I have two groups of several thousand samples analysed for various elements, and wish to determine if these samples are drawn from the same statistical population for later variography studies. I propose to test the two groups by using a F-test to test the sample variances, and a T-test to test the group means, at a given confidence limit.
      Before I do this, I wonder how I would interpret the results of the test if, for example:
      1. The F-test suggests no significant statistical difference between the variances at a 90% confidence limit, BUT
      2. The T-test suggests a significant statistical difference between the means at the same, or lower confidence limit.
      Has anyone come across this scenario before and how are they interpreted?
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