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1737[ai-geostats] Re: Probability parts 1 and 2

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  • Isobel Clark
    Oct 30, 2004
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      The semi-variogram function (if it reaches a sil at
      some point) is directly analogous to the covariance
      between samples given the distance (and possibly
      direction) between them. If you take:

      total sill (final height of semi-variogram)


      semi-variogram value at a given distance

      you get the covariance between the values at two
      locations separated by that distance. If you divided
      through by the total sill you (theoretically) get the
      correlation between them.

      So it isn't really a probability function but a
      covariance function.

      You can derive probabilities for unsampled locations
      by theory or simulation through the kriging process.

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