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1736[ai-geostats] Probability

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  • Dean Monroe
    Oct 29, 2004
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      Hello Group:


                  Being new to geostatistics I am unsure about the various types and modes of spatial analysis.  Is there a way to determine the probability of relatedness between points?  Can the variogram be interpreted as a CDF?  The geostatistical books, basic enough for me, do not really elaborate on probability.  At this point I am unsure whether to search for classical or frequency based probability, to explain the relatedness of points. 


      Specific to my question, say:  could I partition the variogram into three categories (1) range 0-10 very related, (2) 10 -20 related, and 20 – max distance not related.  How would a person assign a specific probability to the very related category for points less than 10 units apart?  Is it simple probability or does the joint distribution cause some issues? 


      I really want to determine if a treatment was applied to a given set of points, what would the probability be of near points responding in a similar manner.  Surely with spatial continuity there is a way to extrapolate this value.


      I am unsure how to proceed.


      Thanks in advance.   


      Dean Monroe

      OSU Environmental Sciences