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1733[ai-geostats] spatial population dynamics simulation

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  • Volker Bahn
    Oct 28, 2004
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      Dear list members,

      I'm trying to build a spatial simulation model of population dynamics and
      wanted to ask for your input and suggestions on how to accomplish this. The
      characteristics of the model are as follows:
      1) The model consists of 100 (or more) discrete populations at randomly
      picked locations on a regular grid. I want to have enough populations to
      later do spatial statistics such as variograms on the populations.
      2) Each population has the basic population dynamics of birth (birth rate
      limited by carrying capacity), death, emigration as a fraction of the
      population size, and immigration as whatever comes from other populations.
      3) The populations differ in their carrying capacities to simulate different
      habitat qualities. I would like to distribute carrying capacities over the
      grid so that they are randomly distributed with a certain degree of spatial
      4) All populations are connected via emigration and immigration. The closer
      together they are, the stronger the connection (i.e., the higher the
      dispersal rate between them). If a certain number of individuals emigrate
      from a population as determined by a fixed fraction of the population size,
      I could either distribute them in a stochastic manner to other populations
      with the probability of drawing an individual inversely related to the
      distance or distribute fractions of individuals deterministically according
      to the distance of the neighbors.

      Do you have suggestions on how to accomplish this? I'm fairly proficient in
      Splus, STELLA (that's what I built the population dynamics model in) and
      ArcView (but not Avenue or ArcInfo). I would not be able to program this
      from scratch in C or a similar programming language.

      Thank you.



      Volker Bahn

      Dept. of Wildlife Ecology - Rm. 210
      University of Maine
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      Orono, Maine
      04469-5755, USA
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