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1708[ai-geostats] A question on lag class and lag distance

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  • xhy
    Oct 1, 2004

      Dear all,


      I have a question on the selection of the lag classes and lag distance when computing experimental semi-variogram. It has been suggested that the average semivariance can be done in an increment with an arbitrary distance tolerance (e.g. 300 m ± 150 m) taking into consideration of the number of data pairs per lag class. However, the lag class and lag distance are set a bit arbitrarily, and can influence the resulting variogram. My question is:


      1. How to select the lag class and lag distance in order to obtain a more reasonable experimental variogram?


      2. Is it reasonable to use an uneven set of lag (e.g. the lag increments are: 0-2.5m, 2.5-5.0m, 5.0-12.0m, 12.0-19.5m, 19.5-27.0m, 27.0-30.0m, 30.0-40m, 40-50m etc.) if a more stable variogram can be obtained?


      I should really appreciate anyone’s reply!


      Thanks a lot ahead!



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