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1699[ai-geostats] Last call for SIC2004: Spatial Interpolation Comparison 2004

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  • Gregoire Dubois
    Sep 7, 2004
      Last call for SIC2004: Spatial Interpolation Comparison 2004

      Please find hereafter the last call for a scientific exercise dedicated to spatial statistics called SIC2004.
      SIC2004 stands for Spatial Interpolation Comparison 2004. It is the second edition of a scientific exercise of this type that is dedicated to Decision Support Systems and Spatial Statistics.

      This year's issue is about AUTOMATIC INTERPOLATION.
      Participants will receive a subset of an environmental data set (typically measurements of an environmental variable + spatial coordinates of the sampling places) and will have to estimate the values taken by the variable at the remaining locations of the full data set. The true values found at these locations will be made public only at the end of the exercise. Various criteria will be used to assess the performances of the interpolation algorithms (time of calculation, minimum errors, etc.).

      This edition will focus on automatic mapping algorithms: participants to SIC2004 will have to prepare their algorithms before receiving the data (only sampling locations + prior information are available at the moment from the web site) and no interaction with the algorithm will be allowed during the exercise.

      As for SIC97, participants to SIC2004 are invited to submit a manuscript at the end of the exercise for publication in the online journal GIDA (Geographic Information and Decision Analysis) as well as in a European Report (hardcopy).

      For more information, please visit the web site http://www.ai-geostats.org/events/sic2004/index.htm
      Deadline for participation (free of charge) is Monday the 13th of September 2004.
      Best regards,

      Keywords: Decision Support Systems, spatial statistics, geostatistics, neural networks, spatial interpolation

      PS: I would very much appreciate if you could help to further distribute this information

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