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1686RE: [ai-geostats] FW: spatial relationships

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  • Ted Harding
    Sep 2, 2004
      On 02-Sep-04 Glover, Tim wrote:
      > Thisa reminds me of a site where the "failure" of variogram modeling
      > actually told me quite a bit about the problem at hand. It was a large
      > field where dumptruck loads of soil with a contaminant had been dumped
      > randomly and spread. This was unknown until after a gridded set of
      > samples had been taken and a bizarre spotted pattern emerged. The
      > directional variogram showed an unusual hump - increasing variance with
      > distance, then decreasing variance with even more distance. This was
      > the clue that some sort of "spot" activity had occurred. We finally
      > tracked down a retired ex-employee who remembered the dumping activity.
      > Sometimes a failed model tells more than one that fits!

      Indeed! It's the difference between discovery and measurement.

      Best wishes,

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