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1682[ai-geostats] XValid script

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  • Mark Dowdall
    Sep 1 1:02 AM

      It may be cheeky, but I have two questions:

      1. Where can I get I get the Surfer v7.0 script for crossvalidation? I
      have been through the archives and although its mentioned I cannot find
      a download site. Nor could I find it and the site of Aleksey Amantov.
      Some emails mentioned it is in the samples folder of the surfer install
      but I could not find it. I know its in Surfer 8 as standard but thats
      not available to me at the moment.

      2. I have been following the discussion on extreme values in a data set.
      And my question is: is there any context in which geostatistical methods
      are absolutely not appropriate? If so, how can this appropriateness be
      tested? Is there a point at which a user should know that it would be
      better to try something else?

      Any help with these two is very much welcome

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