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167AI-GEOSTATS: Discussion

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  • Horacio J. Buscaglia
    Mar 30, 2001
      I would like to invite everybody to express their opinion respect the
      misconceptions pointed out in the paper Random sampling or geostatistical
      modeling? Choosing between design-based and model-based sampling
      strategies for soil. D.J.Brus and J.J. de Gruijter Geoderma 80 (1997) 1-
      44. The aim of this paper is to initiate a discussion on the role of
      design-based and model-based sampling strategies in soil science. The
      paper stress the Misconception 1:`Independence of sample data is
      determined by the physics of the phenomenon being sampled'. Misconception
      2:`Classical sampling theory assumes that sample data are independent'.
      Base on these statements, many questions could be asked regarding what is
      a `correct' or `incorrect' statistical analysis. Would it be correct to
      calculate correlation coefficients between variables without taking into
      account spatial correlation (ex. Mantel test)? A similar question could
      be: Are regression models correct in presence of spatial correlation or
      they are not correct and an autoregression model should be used?
      Thanks in advance to all of you for participating in the discussion,

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