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1641[ai-geostats] "Constrained" estimation / simulation

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  • Steinar Løve Ellefmo
    Jul 20, 2004
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      Hi All,

      I'm estimating and simulating an iron ore deposit. The decisive ore
      parameters are total iron, FeTot and iron in magnetite, FeMagn. Clearly
      FeMagn can not be larger than FeTot.

      FeMagn and FeTot is not correlated (coefficient of variation (CV) of
      FeMagn is much larger than the CV of FeTot). Domaining based on ore
      type is not practically possible.

      Is it possible to somehow "constrain" FeMagn realisations or estimations
      so that FeTot are the largest of the two?

      Any publications on the subject?

      I'm using Isatis.

      Best regards,

      Steinar Ellefmo
      Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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