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1517Re: AI-GEOSTATS: I'm new

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  • Koen Hufkens
    Mar 31, 2004
      > 3) Software. All software for geostatistics have a similar architecture.
      > Try Geoeas & Variowin (free) until you become confident with words like
      > semivariogram, covariance, kriging, block kriging. There if
      > unfortunately no manual for Variowin. I will ask Yvan Pannatier (the
      > author of Variowin) if there is any way to get an electronic copy of his
      > book (out of print since a few years) or of the help file that I can put
      > on the ai-geostats web site. There is nothing else available now and it
      > is much needed. I think this is the best way to have an idea on what the
      > whole is about. The software mentioned above can be downloaded for free
      > and there are plenty of other tools for more advanced geostatistics.

      I never used variowin but it seems quite nice, and more important free!

      Here is a introduction to variowin:


      There should be more on the net if you look for it, I think...

      If you need automatisation of certain procedures look into R and the
      following packages:

      -gstat (can also be used as stand alone program)

      All this software is open sourced and freely available!

      It made my repetitive work very easy.

      Best regards,

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