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1384AI-GEOSTATS: vertical semivariogram with gstat

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  • lisa pizzol
    Jan 30, 2004
      Dear list members,

      I’m using GSTAT to build a 3D semivariogram,

      I find three directional semivariograms:

      Direction nug psill range

      30 (in the plane) 0.25 0.19 805

      120 (in the plane) 0.25 0.19 687

      vertical 0.25 0.19 3.26

      I introduce in GSTAT this command:

      Sill range p q r s t

      vgm(0.19,”Gau”, 805, 0.25, anis=c(30, 0, 0, 0.85, 0.004))

      Where 0.85 = (687/805) and 0.004 = (3.26/805)

      When I plot this model with the sperimental semivariograms in the direction 30 and 120 (in the plane), this model works well because it follow the sperimental semivariogram but if I plot this model with the vertical semivariogram, it is a line around the value 0.25 while I expected that it reaches the sill (0.19+ 0.25) at 3.26 m. I tried to change the angles q and r, but if the model is good for the vertical direction then it doesn’t work with the other two directions (30 and 120).

      The command to find the vertical variogram was:

      > variogram(cadmiog, cuttoff=4, width=4/8,alpha=0, beta=90, tol.hor=90, tol.ver=15, cloud=FALSE).

      I apologise for this question but I’m at the beginning with GSTAT and I’m doing something wrong but I cannot understand where.

      Thank you very much for your attention,

      Best regards


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