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1191AI-GEOSTATS: gstat for R

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  • Nick Hamm
    Aug 27, 2003

      I've come accross a curious problem when using the latest gstat package
      for R (gstat_0.9-8.tar.gz), which I downloaded from www.gstat.org

      I have installed this on two systems.

      The first is my desktop system which is a Athlon based PC running Redhat
      8.0 (2.4.18-14). I'm running R version 1.6.1 (2002-11-01). I'm
      experiencing problems running basic gstat functions eg:
      > ve <- variogram(rb1~1, loc=~i+j, data=asphaltMmrPcC)
      Error in .Call("gstat_init", as.integer(debug.level), PACKAGE = "gstat") :
      .Call function name not in load table
      > vm <- fit.variogram(ve, model=vgm(0.05, "Sph", 4, 0.05))
      Error in .Call("gstat_get_n_variogram_models", 0, PACKAGE = "gstat") :
      .Call function name not in load table

      The second is one of our shared compute facilities. This is an is an
      eight processor IBM x440. Its running RedHat 7.3 (2.4.21-). Its
      running R version R 1.7.1 (2003-06-16). The same gstat functions seem
      to work fine!

      Does anybody have any thoughts about this? I think some changes to the
      way .Call works were made in R version 1.7.0? Perhaps this is part of
      the problem? Can anybody suggest a solution? I may try upgrading my
      desktop PC to run the latest version of R. However, this doesn't strike
      me as being an ideal solution. I've had no problems running earlier
      versions of the gstat (gstat_0.9-7 and gstat_0.9-6) package on my
      desktop (under R version 1.6.1).



      Nick Hamm
      School of Geography
      University of Southampton
      Southampton SO17 1BJ
      United Kingdom

      Office: ++ 44 23 8059 2013 (internal x22013)
      Mobile: ++ 44 7887 578 442
      Fax: ++ 44 23 8059 3295
      Email: n.hamm@...

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