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1128AI-GEOSTATS: Large sample size and normal distribution

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  • Chaosheng Zhang
    Aug 2 8:47 AM
      Dear list,

      I'm wondering if anyone out there has the experience of dealing with the
      probability distribution of data sets of a large sample size, e.g.,
      n>10,000. I am studying the probability feature of chemical element
      concentrations in a USGS sediment database with the sample number of around
      50,000, and have found that it is virtually impossible for any real data set
      to pass tests for normality as the tests become too powerful with the
      increase of sample size. It is widely oberved that geochemical data do not
      follow a normal or even a lognormal distribution. However, I feel that the
      large sample size is also making trouble.

      I am looking for references on this topic. Any references or comments are


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