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1091AI-GEOSTATS: Re: Gstat for R: Block Kriging

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  • Edzer J. Pebesma
    Jul 7, 2003
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      Nick Hamm wrote:

      >I've been using gstat under R and trying to do some
      >block--kriging. I then want display the output from the block kriging
      >using the levelplot command. However, I don't quite understand the
      >syntax heere
      >For eg. if I take the sample data--set that is provided and have a go at
      >one of the examples:
      >x <- krige(log(zinc) ~ 1, ~x + y, meuse, meuse.grid,
      > model = v, nmax = 40, block = c(40, 40))
      >I get a data.frame that is the same length as if I did:
      >x <- krige(log(zinc) ~ 1, ~x + y, meuse, meuse.grid,
      > model = v, nmax = 40)
      >So I'm not quite sure what output in the former means and how I can plot
      >an image of the block--kriging results.

      Nick, you could look up what the "block = c(40,40)" argument stands for,
      e.g. by
      reading the help on the krige function: type


      or start the on-line help browser by


      and follow packages -> gstat
      Examples for plotting using levelplot() can be found at the end of the
      krige help;
      you can run the examples by:


      and, surprisingly, help on the function levelplot used there is given by


      Hope this helps,

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