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  • Paulo Jurza
    Aug 26, 2014

    I am making a batch of Plums. I love slivovitz, because I am a croatian descendant, but I cannot find it here in Brasil. I am trying to do some - I will pot my impressions later.

    Do somebody made this sucessful - here in Brasil, it is a kind of difficult to manage fermentation without any temperature control, because it is too hot.

    Do somebody has the same problem?


    2014-08-25 11:02 GMT-03:00 tom bombadilo t_bombadilo@... [new_distillers] <new_distillers@yahoogroups.com>:

    hello folks,
    firstly thanks for the wealth of info on here.
    i am a cider maker based wales (thats hard cider for US readers).
    i have been quite successful over the years and made several awarding winning ciders.
    however each year there always some that does not meet the grade.
    sometimes this gets mulled - but now i fancy making some Calvados.
    i have been lucky enough to get myself a second-hand purpose-built stainless steel 60 litre still and glass worm from a friend who works in a lab.
    the glass worm originally had clear pvc hose as its input and output.
    this might be fine for lab experiments but will it effect my eau de vie ?
    do all stills need to use copper ? would i be better replacing the pvc with copper tubing ?
    i've read the copper helps remove sulphur - however my cider does not suffer from this.
    the pot has two stainless steel pipes coming out of the lid.
    one bent at 90 deg which will be ideal to attach the worm.
    the other is vertical and it reaches down inside the pot to about 3 inches from the bottom. What would this have been used for ?
    I am considering cutting this off and putting a thermometer into the top of the still instead.
    Lastly I am looking at buying a gas boiling ring. What sort of output (kw) would be best for the distillation of 60 litres of cider ( I understand that a gentle but slower heat source gives better results)

    Thanks in advance for any replies.
    When I work out how to post photos I’ll put some up.