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45074Re: [new_distillers] Paperny Entertainment

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  • RLB
    May 9, 2014
      Remember!  It is not illegal to make wash, and it's not illegal to own a still.  It's currently illegal to run wine, beer, wash, or wort through a still.  The first time I operated my pot still, tap water was used for a test run.  You can't tell the difference between distilling water and alcohol by watching TV.  I admit that Moonshiner's re-peaked my interest that was there since high school, but you only need to make a few runs to clearly see that Moonshiner's is fake.  At best, they were distilling sugar water with corn and/or rye flavoring if it was real.  How anyone could drink that stuff is beyond me.


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      If nothing illegal happens on Moonshiners, then what are they making?

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