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  • Alli Bugger
    May 9, 2014
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      As the messenger all I can tell you is Jesse would like to interview (on the phone initially) anyone who is or would like to be a hobby distiller. He also wants to talk to legal craft distillers (specifically those who started as hobbyists).  We all know that anonymity will be biggest obstacle he will face. As a member of the Hobby Distiller's Association, my job is to come up with ways to get the word out that small batch home distilling is against the law due to 80 year old prohibition statutes that need to be changed.  If a few folks see this post and email the guy and talk to him about their experiences, I will consider my part a success.

      Has everyone joined The Hobby Distiller's Association?  If not please go to www.hobbydistillersassociation.org and join today.

      On Thursday, May 8, 2014 4:54 PM, RLB <last2blast@...> wrote:

      National Geographic has clearly stated that nothing illegal happens on the "Moonshiner", so that should tell ever one a great deal about them.  What about the legality of producing hobby distilling in front of a camera?  Everyone involved could potentially be arrested and face prison.


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      As an active member of the Hobby Distiller's Association, I was contacted recently by Jesse Aitchison with Paperny Entertainment - they have offices in  Vancouver and New York and produce non-fiction TV shows. When I first spoke with Jesse he said they were interested in producing a show that told the real story behind small batch distilling.  They recognize the current show "The Moonshiners" is lies and misinformation about lowlife hillbillies selling low quality spirits while running from the law.  Jesse understands that legalization is a huge piece of the puzzle in easing up the process of transitioning from hobby distilling to craft distilling and that is the story he wants to tell.  I encourage you to click http://www.papernyentertainment.com/ and check them out.  Woodshed on the HomeDistiller forum is working closely with Jesse to get this story out.

      I have attached Jesse's request for personal stories to use on his show.  He promises confidentiality. I hope many will take this opportunity to tell your story and encourage everyone to get behind our efforts to legalize our hobby.  Questions or comments are welcome as always.  Tom

      Tom Cowdrey
      Hobby Distiller's Association

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