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45061RE: [new_distillers] Lowering the Proof

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  • Tom Brohamer
    Apr 28, 2014

      Vodka is 80-100 Proof on average, so I’m missing your point on the proof of oaked vodka?


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      Vodka that sells for $235.00 a bottle is oaked, and you know what proof it has to be to be called Vodka.  If I remember correctly, it was stated that he should experiment since he had to ask.  I personally would never use chips, and I would dilute to 125 because I am a bourbon fan.  One thing that one will learn about distilling is the only rules are set by the government.  Like we are following any rules, regulations, or formulas to the letter!


      Michael Cameron <mncameron@...>

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      If you oak at above 140 proof, your product takes on an astringent taste in my view.  Never heard of oaked Grappa, spent months in Piemonte and never saw it, not saying it cant be done or wont be good.  Another point is chips are bunk.  Brew shops sell em, they give you a one dimensional flavor, where oak cubes or sticks impart the flavor more slowly and give a better final result.


      I would question taking any advice from someone who recommends oaking at 185 proof.





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      Since you have to ask, this is a great time to test all of the combinations for yourself in a pint jars.  Nothing like personal experience.  For me it would be distilled and chips at 185, but you might like it another way.





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