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  • RLB
    Jan 29, 2014
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      I would avoid them.  Example: Their 6 gal boiler costs $150.  I purchased a larger 8 gal. Stainless Steel brewing pot on Amazon that has a built in temperature gauge and side drain valve for $89 + Shipping.  It will make for an excellent pot or reflux still when I am done with it.

      My advise would be for you to contact your government liquor authority and ask them for a list of the equipment builders in your country.  If they are like the TTB in the US, they know who builds their approved professional distilling equipment.  It can't hurt to ask them since they will be involved in your license application.


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      Try the Amphora Society at
      They have the PDA1 (the Roll Royce of commercial still ion my opinion but don’t have the cash for one, I’m drooling now looking at the piccy) with an optional column extension.  And no I’m not an agent for them before anyone asks. 
      From what I gather reading their site and other information on the stilling forums a lot of small distilleries have set up in business using their PDA 1.   
      If memory serves me well one of the first I remember reading about was a small distillery that set up in the US producing Cherry Brandy initially
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