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  • Stevensgang@webtv.net
    Apr 3, 2000
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      Hey! Tony I think you're right I think I'll invest in a thermometer. To
      take out so much of the guess work. I have malted corn before but it was
      hybrid I bought at the local feedmill. It sprouted alright but I just
      wondered if hybrid works as well as something else? My hillbilly friend
      from Va. we'll call him cousin " Bill" says not to dry my malt just
      sprout it about 2" in. grind it in a blender and use it. Also do you
      think one of these black rubber stoppers from the local hardware is safe
      to use for my thermometer to slide through? Any suggestions on anything
      else I can use for this purpose? I appreciate having someone
      knowledgeable finally to learn some of this from Thanks again!!
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