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2338[Eevb-li] Where to sit at Long Beach leagues

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  • Richard Heiles
    Jun 18, 2014



      I need to point out the beach layout and where players can sit at the Tuesday and Wednesday Long Beach leagues. The area along the boardwalk is now an emergency lane. It has not mattered so far this year because the weather has been cool and the beach is not very crowded. But as soon as it gets hot the lifeguards and police will want to use this emergency lane. One night they will come down, stop all play and move players out to the ocean side. It will be beneficial if we can do that before that happens. There are very few spots along the boardwalk that are not in the emergency lane between the orange makers and the new sea wall. So please have your players move out to the ocean side.


      Second: we have received some complaints about alcohol consumption on the beach. Some people are walking along the boardwalk, looking down and watching players drink out of red cups. My suggestion couples with the above request. Please move your players out to the ocean side where you will be less visible and also have a much better view of the sunset.


      Finally: We have had some complaints from the city about garbage left on the beach. My staff has been watching closely and this is not a problem on Tuesday and Wednesday nights  EXCEPT possibly due to players piling garbage around the cans at the base of the ramps as they leave the beach. So if you come to a garbage can that is full please carry your garbage to the top of the ramp and deposit it in a can on the boardwalk that is not full.


      We have a very good relationship now with the city and its various departments. By following these requests above we will keep the lifeguards, police and sanitation workers happy and make life for all of us much easier. Thanks in advance for your help following all of these requests.


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