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2328[Eevb-li] Long Beach after Play schedule: Tonight it is Minnesota's

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  • Richard Heiles
    May 28, 2014
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      We have been making some changes in the after play bar party schedule for the long Beach Leagues. We have had complaints about not enough variety in location and the food coming .out too late.  So we are making the following changes in the after play parties


      Free Buffets will be held on special nights only which will include:

      ·         Opening night

      ·         Closing night

      ·         Mid-season Party

      ·         1st night at new sites to introduce new sponsors

      ·         Occasional special nights


      We have added a new after play party site: Speak Easy in the West End. We also plan to have a couple of more sites for 1 or 2 nights during the summer


      On other nights the host bar will be offering specials such as $1 tacos at the Inn or 20% off the entire menu for TONIGHT’S (Wed 5/28) PARTY AT MINNESOTA’S.

      The results of these changes in the party schedules will be:

      • Players will be able to get food any time they arrive, even if you get there early
      • There will be more variety both nights. In the past we could never go to The Inn on Tuesdays because they have a very successful night with Taco Tuesdays. They would not want to do a free buffet party because they are already very crowded. Now the Tuesday players will have the option of coming to Taco Tuesdays.
      • Whenever there is not a free buffet the bars will offer a special for players such as the 20% off offered by Minnesota’s tonight.


      The entire after play party will be posted on the web site shortly. With the changes in this program we were not able to get the full schedule posted yet online. Thanks for your patience waiting for the full schedule. We think all of these changes will make the after play parties and be worth the wait.


      Please let me know during the season what you like and don’t like and what specials you would like to see offered (Please don’t say free beer all nightJ) Thanks.



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