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Re: [netlogo-users] NetLogo 2.1beta1 released

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  • Michael Kuyumcu
    Hi Seth, thank you for all your work at improving NetLogo. I have just changed schools and am teaching NetLogo to my math students at a high-school in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 1, 2004
      Hi Seth,

      thank you for all your work at improving NetLogo. I have just changed
      schools and am teaching NetLogo to my math students at a high-school in
      the north of Germany now. I had been looking forward to the
      export-movie feature and was eager to try it out. Now your model from
      the model library, for some reasons, seems to grab frames (it is slower
      than usual), but does not create a visible file in the directory I
      selected. Any ideas?


      Am Mittwoch, 01.09.04 um 04:20 Uhr schrieb Seth Tisue:

      > The NetLogo development team at the Center for Connected Learning and
      > Computer-Based Modeling at Northwestern University is pleased to
      > announce the release of NetLogo 2.1beta1. NetLogo 2.1beta1 is
      > available for free download from our site at
      > http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/ .
      > This is a BETA release of NetLogo. As such, there may be a few bugs.
      > However, we believe this release to be reasonably reliable and fairly
      > close to final form. Nonetheless, if you want to use a NetLogo which
      > is proven stable, please stick with NetLogo 2.0.2 for now.
      > Please try it and out and send us bug reports at
      > bugs@... and other suggestions and comments at
      > feedback@....
      > The following is a (partial) list of changes made and new features
      > that have been added since NetLogo 2.0.2.
      > * content:
      > + new Code Examples: Case Conversion Example, Lottery Example,
      > Movie Example, Plot Axis Example
      > + improved models: Buffer (overhauled), Weak Acid (bugfix),
      > Enzyme Kinetics (bugfix), El Farol (bugfix), Scatter
      > + also, many ProbLab models have been improved and most models
      > in the GasLab suite have been thoroughly overhauled
      > + Programming Guide now includes a subsection on scientific
      > notation for floating point numbers
      > * features:
      > + the editor now highlights matching (and mismatched)
      > parentheses and brackets
      > + buttons can now be assigned "action keys", so they can be
      > triggered by individual keypresses; action keys are
      > especially useful for games and HubNet activities, but can
      > also be added to any model
      > + making a movie of your model is now directly supported, using
      > a new suite of movie primitives (see below for list)
      > + command center has new design: it is now always at the bottom
      > of the interface tab and is the full width of the window, and
      > it can be easily resized or hidden
      > + shapes editor is much improved:
      > - individual shape elements can be selected, moved,
      > reordered, reshaped, and deleted
      > - new "snap to grid" feature
      > + you can now copy an image of the graphics window, a plot, or
      > the whole interface tab to the clipboard by right-clicking
      > (control-clicking on Mac) on the item and choosing "Copy..."
      > + BehaviorSpace now supports doing multiple trials of each
      > combination of settings
      > * language changes:
      > + the order you declare breeds in the Procedures tab now
      > determines their layering order in the graphics window
      > + added new movie primitives: movie-start, movie-grab-graphics,
      > movie-grab-interface, movie-set-framerate, movie-status,
      > movie-cancel, export-movie
      > + added new let command, which you should use instead of
      > locals; it is better than locals because you can use it
      > anywhere, even inside an ask, not only at the top of a
      > procedure
      > + added new carefully command and error-message reporter so you
      > can trap and handle runtime errors
      > + added new subtract-headings reporter
      > + added new sublist reporter
      > + stricter rules are now in effect preventing you from using
      > the same name for two different things in the same model (for
      > example, a procedure and a local variable)
      > * engine fixes:
      > + exporting and importing worlds now saves and restores the
      > state of the random number generator
      > + n-values now signals an error if given negative input
      > * interface fixes:
      > + the procedures menu, and the contextual menu for the graphics
      > window, is now split into multiple columns when it contains
      > many entries
      > + the Errors tab has a procedures menu now too
      > + improved "Undo" capabilities when editing text:
      > - separate tabs now remember their own separate undo
      > information
      > - you can now undo and redo multiple edits, instead of
      > only the last edit
      > - fixed several undo-related bugs
      > + the Esc key can now be used to cancel any dialog
      > + on Macs, the NetLogo window's red close button now indicates
      > whether the model has unsaved changes
      > + fixed bug where when the speed slider was all the way to
      > left, CPU usage was still high; it is now minimal
      > + text boxes have a smaller minimum size now
      > + fixed bug where it was possible to create two plot pens with
      > the same name
      > * computer HubNet changes:
      > + improved reliability in some circumstances
      > + support for multiple, simultaneous HubNet servers on a single
      > computer allows running several activities at once (by
      > choosing different port numbers for the different activities)
      > + redesigned HubNet client interface
      > + redesigned Control Center interface (including improved
      > logging)
      > + many client interfaces have action keys now
      > + fixed bug where old activities remained on client's server
      > list
      > + added option to turn off broadcast of server location when
      > starting an activity
      > Reporting Bugs:
      > We would appreciate your comments and bug reports. If you find a bug,
      > please send us a bug report (as detailed as you can -- including OS,
      > method of running NetLogo, commands used, attach your model if
      > possible, etc.) so that we can correct the bug as speedily as
      > possible. Please send bug reports to bugs@....
      > Feedback:
      > To provide feedback to the NetLogo development team, please send email
      > to feedback@... or visit our contact page at
      > http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/contact.shtml .
      > Getting Started:
      > To get started using NetLogo, visit our web page:
      > http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/ .
      > Receiving Release Announcements:
      > To receive announcements of NetLogo releases and new features,
      > subscribe to the netlogo-announce mailing list. To subscribe to
      > netlogo-announce, send a message to:
      > listserv@...
      > The body of the message should say:
      > subscribe netlogo-announce your-first-name your-last-name
      > To be removed from the announcements list, send a message to:
      > listserv@...
      > The body of the message should say:
      > unsubscribe netlogo-announce
      > Joining the netlogo-users group:
      > We also have a Yahoo! group where users can discuss NetLogo
      > with each other and with the CCL team. To join the group, or
      > just to browse the group's message archives, visit:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/netlogo-users/
      > There is also a Yahoo! group specially designed for educators
      > using NetLogo. To join the group, or just to browse the group's
      > message archives, visit:
      > http://groups.yahoo.com/group/netlogo-educators/
      > NetLogo 2.1beta1 files
      > The release package for NetLogo 2.1beta1 includes:
      > * "NetLogo" and "HubNet Client" applications
      > * "NetLogo.jar", "NetLogoLite.jar", "MRJAdapter.jar", and
      > "jmf.jar" internal support files
      > * "Docs" folder containing a "NetLogo User Manual" -- complete
      > documentation in HTML and printable PDF formats
      > * "Models" folder containing the NetLogo Models Library of Sample
      > Models, Curricular Models, Code Examples, and HubNet Activities
      > * "Extensions" folder containing the sound extension
      > * Uninstall NetLogo application and support files
      > (Windows users only)
      > * ReadMe file
      > Credits
      > NetLogo was designed and authored by Uri Wilensky, project leader and
      > director of the CCL. The lead developer is Seth Tisue. Many others
      > have greatly contributed. HubNet was jointly designed by Uri Wilensky
      > and Walter Stroup. The development of NetLogo and HubNet (both
      > calculator and computer versions) is part of the Participatory
      > Simulations project -- a collaboration between Northwestern
      > University's Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling
      > (CCL) and the University of Texas at Austin.
      > The design of NetLogo was supported through funding from the National
      > Science Foundation (grants REC 9814682, REC 0126227). Additional
      > support for the design of HubNet (calculator version) was provided by
      > Texas Instruments.
      > Enjoy,
      > --
      > Seth Tisue / seth@... / (847) 467-2814
      > lead developer, NetLogo http://ccl.northwestern.edu/netlogo/
      > Center for Connected Learning and Computer-Based Modeling
      > School of Education and Social Policy / Department of Computer Science
      > Northwestern University
      > Yahoo! Groups Links
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