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OTT - Technical VAS Analyst Vacancy

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  • Moh Machfudh
    Titipan temenĀ  : Numpang posting lowongan yah, kalo ada yang berminat atau mengenal orang yang recomended bisa langsung reply ke Gw yah, berikut CV/Resume.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2010
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      Titipan temen  :

      Numpang posting lowongan yah, kalo ada yang berminat atau mengenal orang yang recomended bisa langsung reply ke Gw yah, berikut CV/Resume.

      Berikut deskripsi singkatnya, intinya nantinya menggantikan posisi gw sekarang.. [Dibutuhkan Segera...], jadi nanti kerja bareng gw dech...

      ##Skills and Background Require:


      -  Able to work under pressure and work in team or independent

      - Strong Analytical to Solved the Issue or Provide Solution

      - Better have experience with switching and or ATM or Banking Services

      - Knowledgeable for E-banking Solution (Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Recharge, POS, ATM, Mobile) and HSM (Host Security Module)

      - Have a Strong Commitment for Adding More Skills and or Experience may require

      - Fluent in English

      - Java SE & EE Advance/Expert Skills

      - Java Programming (Must Have!!)
      - Flexible JDK 1.3, 1.6 knowledge

      - Microsot Visual Basic/C++ (Not a must)

      - Microsot ASP

      - JSP with Web Servlet
      - Microsoft SQL Server
      Family Advance Skills (7.0, 2000, 2005)
      - Firebird Database Knowledgeably
      - MySQL Database Intermediate Skills
      =>Web Server
      - Weblogic Server Family Advance Skills will be advantages
      - Glassfish Enterprise Server Intermediate [optional]

      - Others SOA would be advantages

      ->Operating System

      - Microsoft Family (NT, XP, 2000 Server, 2003 Server, Vista, 7) knowledagble

      - Linux (Ubuntu Server, RedHat Server) would be advantages


      - Cisco Firewall Concept with basic knowledge will require


      ##Your Responsible

      - You will responsibilities for developing solution for ATM or VAS [Value Added Services] and another electronic payment solutions

      - You will report directly to General Manager along with Data Centre Manager

      - You will work in team or self independent

      - Work as a Bridge for Clients in Banks, Mobile Operators and Vendor

      - High Level Support for Operation, Reconciliation and Business Development Team

      - Delivery , Implementation and Testing [SIT, UAT, PAT] the Product Solution

      - Made an Document along with SDLC (Systems Development Life Cycle)

      - Another roles may informed when you have any interview



      - Permanent Staff Title

      - Solid Team and Fun with Flexible Works Area

      - New Technology and Experience you will gets!

      - Training for developing and growing your skills

      - Bonus/Insentive

      -  Medical Coverage for you and your family

      -  Another jobs facilities (Remote Internet Access, Own Laptop etc)

      -  Another benefits may offers depends on your skills!!


      ##How to Apply!?

      - Send your CV/Resume along with your formal letters (In English), kindly insert your expected salary, sent with email address to :  daniel.wardhana@... / danielwardhana@...

      Moh. Machfudh
      +62 21 9122 1682

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