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Seek And Destroy (elyt05)

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  • andreas dorwarth
    Seek And Destroy (elyt05) electrolyt presents V.A. – Seek And Destroy (elyt05) click picture to enlarge tracks: 01. Cracks – Living Room 02. Teimer –
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2007
      Seek And Destroy (elyt05)

      electrolyt presents

      V.A. � Seek And Destroy (elyt05)

      click picture to enlarge


      01. Cracks � Living Room
      02. Teimer � SAndD
      03. My Sweet Bomb � Let�s Go Chopping!
      04. Telafonica � Hearing But Never Understanding
      05. Lumenlab � Baila Y Rie No Deprime
      06. Wolkenmaschinen Ensemble � Wellen Der Liebe
      07. Love Of Life � Hard Attack
      08. Sunstroke Militia � Cold Ice First
      09. Schrumpfschlauch � Strap-Ons Of Mass Distraction
      10. Lipstick � Struck By Lightning
      11. _voice � Once I Met A Girl With The Sun In Her Head
      12. Heimatland � Dear Columbus
      13. Les Garcons De La Plage � Wonderboy
      14. Israel M � Nardaham In Problems

      complete compilation as .zip file: V.A. � Seek And Destroy (elyt05)

      Cracks � Living Room
      It�s a lazy afternoon and you find yourself eating a marmalade toast
      at the train station, waiting to pick up a good old friend. What has
      changed over time? Will things still be the same?
      Teimer � SAndD
      A protective suit is covering your body, although you feel it is
      unnecessary. You are ready to begin. It�s another day�s work. The
      beehives look brilliant from a distance the way the sun gently glows
      upon them. You open the top and look inside. A tiny larva starts to
      pulsate and beat. He�s one of many. Your eyes scatter around lost in
      a sea of moving larvae. You have become part of their ritual dance.
      My Sweet Bomb � Let�s go chopping!
      With 10 pieces of bright neon pink bubblegum in your mouth you start
      to blow an amazing, gigantic bubble. It fills the entire street where
      you live. Children and adults alike run out into the street and stop
      to stare. We start to climb on top of it. We jump up & down like on a
      neon pink trampoline and float up to the deep blue evening sky. You
      capture a couple midnight stars and I�ll sit on the moon.
      Telefonica � Hearing but never understanding
      You�re sitting behind the wheel of a futuristic car which seems to be
      moving extremely fast, but you are not the driver. Has this already
      happened before? You have no sense of direction or reality at all
      anymore. Lost and captive, there�s no way back.
      Lumenlab � Baila y rie no deprime
      Slinky legged machine beings (known as Slink-o-bots) have taken over
      the world. They have absorbed all air on the planet earth through
      their rubber-like skin. The collapse of human civilization has forced
      us into a new existence. To be able to breath, you must cut the skin
      of the Slink-o-bot and crawl into it�s living body with all the other
      trapped people inside. We live captured inside their appendages and
      framework like we normally would work in skyscrapers, we will never
      have to go outside again.
      Wolkenmaschinen Ensemble � Wellen der Liebe
      Shiny glossy lips on a wide screen TV tell you about your new
      environment. You now live in a glass box a division of the
      government�s isolation and confinement experimentation program. You
      are here to be protected�
      Love of life � Hard attack
      Party people, party places. Here you are again feeling rather high.
      Your eyes dart around the club in a claustrophobic spasm. You are
      overwhelmed by laughter and flashing lights, glowing plastic-like
      bodies and the light scent of perfume and sweat filling the smoky
      air. How hot is it?
      Sunstroke Militia � Cold ice first
      The candy isle in this grocery store never looked so good. It�s like
      I�ve never been here before. These packages look amazing with their
      ecstatic shapes and colors, using words like sweet and irresistible.
      I am seduced into trying one kind after the other. Many others join
      me. We are a sweet-toothed army, taking over and gorging ourselves in
      a consumption of bliss. Overstuffed and happy, we all lay together
      not able to move and smile. Heaven is sweet, jail isn�t!
      Schrumpfschlauch � Strap-ons of mass distraction
      Ready for take off? Oh yes it�s time. The lights flash making
      patterns. So how high do you wanna fly? It�s only straight up from
      here on out. Above the feathered clouds, we ride in our jet plane. We
      dive like a bomb almost touching the body of water below, to shoot
      back up like an exploding volcano. My head is light and starts to
      fill with hallucinations, like singing natives celebrating their
      glorious human sacrifice.
      Lipstick � Struck by lightning
      Shortly after midnight, the idea of an adventure in the warm, wet air
      has lured you outside. Wandering alone down a dark, deserted street
      in the pouring rain, you seem to have gone quite a distance from your
      familiar surroundings. The storm has become drastically worse than
      when you left. You hastily decide to seek shelter in a nearby cozy
      looking dive on the corner. The atmosphere is quite lively. As you
      take a seat at the crowded bar, you notice the people absorbed in
      their own realities. You�re a one man audience in the film of life.
      Voice � Once I met a girl with the sun in her head
      The nice and neat handwriting on the mystery package lead me to
      believe a woman had to be behind all this manipulation. She�s pulling
      exactly the right strings whoever it might be. The woman who moved in
      next door just a few weeks ago seemed so innocent and delicate. I had
      watched her come and go on many occasions. It couldn�t be her, could
      it? Who could this be? I must be going mad.
      Heimatland � Dear Columbus
      Walking through the corridors of an empty apartment with wooden
      floors, you discover a golden key covered in dust lying in the
      corner. You see the windows have been left wide open. It�s windy. The
      curtains of white lace gently flow back and forth. You look out into
      the street. A dead man with a grin on his face stares directly into
      your eyes as if he�s trying to tell you something.
      Les garcons de la plage � Wonderboy
      You�ve packed your bag and on your way. Second thoughts race
      constantly through your head, but things cannot be any different. A
      new life someway, somehow awaits you. The letter she wrote is still
      crumpled in your pocket. Time and time again, you take it out looking
      carefully over every detail. You can�t stop reading it word for word,
      over & over.
      Israel M � Nardaham in problems
      Your TV is not working. You change the channel. A blurred image of a
      man with huge eyes appears on your screen. He�s moving is lips as if
      he�s talking but you make out anything. His message seems important,
      it�s as if he needs your help. There�s no way to understand him with
      the static distorting the picture. The situation drives you to start
      pacing back & forth in the room. You fall onto the floor in a frenzy
      and start to chew the electric cable.

      01 written and produced by brad crowe
      02 written and produced 06.07. by tobias reimer
      03 written and produced by susana lic�aga
      04 written,performed and produced by telafonica,
      contact@...,telafonica appears courtesy of 4-4-2 Music
      05 written and produced by diego martinez
      06 written and produced by drumboy, thestarcash, das rote telefon
      07 written and produced by susana lic�aga, andreas dorwarth
      08 written and produced by sunstroke militia
      09 recorded live to 16 track by schrumpfschlauch
      10 written and produced by krystal bell, andreas dorwarth
      11 written and produced by lutz herting
      12 written and produced by c.v.edwards
      13 written and produced by florian malicke
      14 composed by israel martinez at triton studios 2007
      all tracks mastered by ron schneider at mdz studios berlin
      seek and destroy artwork and track descriptions by krystal bell.

      some rights reserved.

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