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  • joshua.
    RSC presents Richard Scott, episode 8: download: http://ropeswingcities.com/mixes/rich/richardscott@ropeswingcities008.mp3 podcast:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 7, 2006
      RSC presents Richard Scott, episode 8:


      podcast: http://ropeswingcities.com/wp-rss2.php?cat=5

      A friend of mine turned me on to Gio Red a couple of weeks ago when he
      slipped me the CD, “Risk.O Electro”, released by Greek netlabel Candyflip
      back in May of this year.

      Since Candyflip is known for, *ahem*, goa/psychedelic trance (which i
      haven’t been a fan of since the Dragonfly heyday circa ‘95), i was somewhat
      skeptical when i threw the cd in and hit play.

      I am so glad i did.

      It turns out this is some of the most excellent electronic music i have ever
      had the pleasure of listening to.

      Not quite progressive trance, not quite progressive house, not quite
      electro, but easily a combination of all three, a truly unique experience in
      a market saturated with one-dimensional sameness. In fact, I got the chance
      to drop a few choice tracks on the dancefloor last week at Hush and the
      crowd seriously went mental. This stuff is potent.

      For RS008, I managed to rip the cd up into .wavs and mixed up some of my
      favorites with a combination of hardware/software. I think it turned out
      quite nicely. I did end up adding a few tracks from the likes of Camea, DS
      and Gabriel Ananda to make 58 minutes, finally ending softly with a gem from
      Ten and Tracer’s new release ;) .

      All in all, this Ropeswingset is a heady trip down a brooding, deep, rich,
      sonically diverse path. Do not miss.

      when a pretty lady opens her eyes really wide and looks them into yours,
      that is her givin' satan your grid reference. Longitude: Naughty.
      Latitude: Thinkin' about makin'.
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