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NSI Netlabel Releases: Dava Sobel and Closet Ballerinas

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  • Robert
    Negative Sound Institute netlabel– Official Launch www.negativesoundinstitute.com November the 1st: the day Michelangelo s Sistine Chapel opened and also,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2006
      Negative Sound Institute netlabel– Official Launch

      November the 1st: the day Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel opened and
      also, today, the day Negative Sound Institute opens its doors for
      downloading. It's true that there's no correlation between the two
      but it seemed worth mentioning. We hope to place a bit of filigree
      for free upon the chapels of the ear and mind.

      Our aim is to release music by a variety of different artists to help
      bring their work to a wide and appreciative audience. We are not
      bound by genre or even ability but more by our own ideas of what
      constitutes an aural journey worth experiencing.

      Verian Thomas and Robert Nunnally (Gurdonark), founders

      We launch with five new releases. All tracks can be streamed,
      downloaded individually or as a whole and these, together with covers
      are released under Creative Commons license.

      Here are two initial release announcements:

      Artist: Closet Ballerinas
      Title: Something Hopeful
      Format: Downloadable E.P.
      Release: NSI000005
      URL: http://www.negativesoundinstitute.com/closetb.php

      The Closet Ballerinas is an experiment in music from non-musician
      Chris Short. The result is sometimes pretty and sometimes abrasive,
      but it leaves a mark. Closet Ballerinas is inspired by other DIY
      recorders as well as more well known artists such as Flying Saucer
      Attack and Syd Barrett. Sometimes it is very clear that the action
      happens with little knowledge of the instruments being played, and at
      times all flows the way it should.

      Track Listing:
      Sunrise, Thinking
      Roaring Silence
      Louisiana Riverboat Blues

      Artist: Dava Sobel
      Title: Dava Sobel
      Format: Downloadable E.P.
      Release: NSI000004
      URL: http://www.negativesoundinstitute.com/davasobel.php

      Dava Sobel is a one man musical unit working with guitars,
      percussion, vocals and everyday household objects. 'It all began on a
      cold winters day on an old computer. The software and equipment was
      basic but the ideas were there and so it all began. Different pieces
      attempt to capture a specific mood or atmosphere. The real aim here
      is to show that you don't need a full home studio to enjoy recording
      music. Just look around your house or your garden to see that
      anything is possible.'

      Track Listing:
      Berzelli Park
      Ramsay Sand
      Street Five34
      Red Horizon Jumping Blue Lights
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