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iD.EOLOGY +++ iD.022 & iD.022bonus out now!

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  • J├Ârg Friedrichs
    new iD.EOLOGY-eps + a video by the broke gringos online _=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_=_ This month we give you a fat double-pack of
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2005
      new iD.EOLOGY-eps + a video by the broke gringos online

      This month we give you a fat double-pack of hip-hop plus another
      smashing music-video.

      In the aftermath of the iD.EOLOGY labelnight in the Kulturbunker in
      Cologne on May 26th 2005, the Broke Gringos and some friends and
      like-minded ones throw some tracks onto the table, fat enough to burst
      with hip-hop, funk, jazz and soul. We are very proud to present the
      whole thing to you wrapped up in one compilation entitled "iD.022 -
      Colonius Monk Collective" which is solid proof of the fact that hip-hop
      is still alive and kicking.

      01. Slomo - Manie
      02. Maques - D.MR.T.A.
      03. Gringo Starr - Lang
      04. Lunte & LAH - Mindprint
      05. Fleur Earth & B.L.S. - In Liebe, Fleur
      06. Doc Dondo & LAH - All you need
      07. Fleur Earth & Gringo Starr - Mein Tisch
      08. Slomo & Fleur Earth & LAH - Herzschlag
      09. The Broke Lovers Sextet - Praise the Lord
      10. Sel & LAH - Look back
      11. Fleur Earth - Der Garten
      12. Gringo Starr & Lunte - Skatabend
      13. Fleur Earth & LAH - Orange Juice
      14. Sel - Kopfsache
      15. Amor - Herr Kalt

      free download and more info:

      Sel, ambitious MC with the Brokes, is in a giving mood and breaks off a
      6-track EP as a bonus. On "iD.022bonus - Sel meets 12BbitPhil" he spits
      lines that'll curselessly rock your head over the kicking beats of

      01. Intro
      02. Aha!
      03. Nr.1 (Cuts by DJ Marious)
      04. Rap in deinen Augen
      05. Tanzbar (feat. Brad Geiger)
      06. Hey Buddy (feat. Lenny)

      free download and more info:

      Larsaction and Doc Dondo, both MCs with the Broke Gringos, have fixed up
      a video for their killertrack "We Do Not Stop". Watch the two getting
      down Samurai-style with some wicked moves in this true gem of
      underground entertainment.

      So, start the download ... and up with your feet, the volume and the bass.

      cheers, the iD.EOLOGY-movement // www.ideology.de
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