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Out of Print CD available again - New Release - On Sale this Month!

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    NEWS - February 2004 BrannanLane.com Music ***** REISSUED / REPRINT / 2nd PRINTING ***** SLEEP CYCLE - Brannan Lane (Not Sold Out anymore!) This out of print
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      NEWS - February 2004 BrannanLane.com Music

      ***** REISSUED / REPRINT / 2nd PRINTING *****

      SLEEP CYCLE - Brannan Lane (Not Sold Out anymore!)
      This out of print cd is now available again. The 2nd printing has an
      8:00 bonus track that was not on the original release. If you have
      been wanting for this release it is now available again.

      When you sleep, your brain waves go through a pattern of certain
      changes, classified as stages. These stages are know as the Sleep
      Cycle. A very low and slow frequency is sent from the front portion
      of the brain when you are in your deepest sleep or rest. Dreaming
      or desynchronized sleep is called Emergence. All mammals and birds
      have brain waves that show Emergence and the Sleep Cycle. During this
      cycle of rest, powers of the body are restored.

      ***** ON SALE THIS MONTH! *****

      Special price for the month of February.

      CLIMATIC INFUSION - Robert Carty / Brannan Lane
      #1 Ambient Release of 2002 - Ambient Navigator

      Our two different styles merge with exotic, splendid glistenings of
      atmospheric soundworlds. - Robert Carty

      Climatic Infusion is brilliant ambient sonic wallpaper of an
      especially colorful kind. On each track, nature sounds and relaxing,
      swishing electronic effects introduce waves of repeating musical
      motifs that are like ripples in a mountain lagoon. - Eric Meese, KKUP
      San Jose, CA

      ***** UPCOMING RELEASE *****

      (A Compilation Of Collaborations)
      Brannan Lane w/ Amir Baghiri, Robert Carty,
      Biff Johnson, Vidna Obmana, Zero Ohms, Silvercord

      1. The Forth Zone - Brannan Lane / Vidna Obmana - 5:42
      2. Watch This Space - Brannan Lane / Zero Ohms - 5:10
      3. Dark Vessels - Brannan Lane / Amir Baghiri - 13:01
      4. Unforgotten Dreams - Robert Carty / Brannan Lane - 16:16
      5. Waning Moon - Biff Johnson / Brannan Lane - 8:35
      6. Weeping Willow - Silvercord / Brannan Lane 18:43
      Total time: 67:34

      (All tracks are previously unreleased.)

      Available in spring of 2004.

      ***** NOW SHIPPING *****

      (no more preorders)
      LUCID CIRCLES - Amir Baghiri / Brannan Lane
      (deep ambient soundscape)

      Thank you all for your pre-orders. You should have received your cd
      this week. This exciting title is now shipping. We ship our orders
      out the following day that they are received.

      The first cd "LUCID CIRCLES", will be a very deep and silent ambient
      work. A series of collaboration cds are planned between these


      Thank you for your time and attention,
      Brannan Lane
      Fresh ambient served chilled - from Emit and Space For Music
      recording artist Brannan Lane http://www.brannanlane.com

      audio samples & downloads (listen while you surf!)
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