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///Call for BURN STATION/// net.labels in BCN (june 2003)

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  • Olivier Schulbaum
    Hi folks, from barcelona This is an invitation from Radiored.org to electronic music net labels to take part in a project involving the new means of music
    Message 1 of 1 , May 11, 2003
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      Hi folks, from barcelona

      This is an invitation from Radiored.org to electronic music net labels to
      take part in a project involving the new means of music distribution through
      the Internet. Our main objective is to link a public that is familiar with
      the electronic music industry but not necessarily with the tools and labels
      available freely and legally through the Internet, as we have done before
      with net radios in our Hypercut project (check our website for further

      Every year between the 12th and the 15th of June on the occasion of Sonar
      Festival, the city of Barcelona receives a very important amount of
      visitors, amongst whom, the specialized press, the most recognized
      electronic music record labels and electronic music followers from all over
      the world.
      As you might know in the last few years the size and magnitude of this event
      has expanded beyond the limits set by the festival itself and an
      ever-growing number of independent events have begun to take place in the
      city during those days.
      Within this context we will curate an event aimed at promoting the
      participating net labels and distributing their music on CD-R for free.
      For this purpose we will set up a space nearby the venue of the daytime
      festival where the general public can consult our music databases, listen to
      the music itself and become familiar with the principles behind the
      different net labels. The final interest is that the listeners can edit and
      burn their own compilations, all within a legal context and in a public
      We are thus inviting you to participate in this open, non-commercial event
      by providing us with a list or catalog of the files you would like to share
      and other information or material that you deem important. We would
      appreciate if you could submit some details about the label´s history, it´s
      philosophy and the policy concerning the copyrights as well as other
      important facts you are interested in trasmitting to the listeners about the
      performance of the net label.
      Needless to say we can download the files ourselves but would like to have
      your approval before we start with the final phase of the project. Also let
      us know if you would like to distribute any physical material such as
      fanzines, flyers, postcards and stickers.
      It is important that you know that this is a non-profit activity and that
      the funding for this project comes from some of the cultural centers with
      which we often collaborate.
      We would be deligthed to hear form you and are definitely open to any
      suggestion or level of involvement you are interested in contributing with.

      Who we are:
      Radiored is an independent project based in Barcelona (Spain) that produces,
      stores, manages and distributes audio contents on the Internet. It¹s
      contents are related to digital culture and electronic music on the net.
      Radiored also works as a platform for the developement of new radiophonic
      formats and tools for creating music on-line where the core is a database
      that permits a non-linear reception; means by which Radiored enables the
      receiver to become an editor of it´s contents.
      To make the public acquainted to the net radio content and to promote
      cultural debate Radiored organizes public events. Some of the latest events
      include: MK2 cycle (Medien Kunst ­ Medien Kulturen) in collaboration with
      the MACBA (Museo de Arte Contemporaneo de Barcelona), Metronom, Hangar,
      Goethe Institut; Open Radio, Festival Internacional de Radios at the CCCB.
      At the moment, we are working on a series of activities under the name Media
      Space Invaders about art, politics and technology taking place at the MACBA
      during the month of May 2003.

      http: //www.platoniq.net
      http: //www.radiored.org
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