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Fwd: netmix update 2-13-01

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  • Lars 'LB.' Behrenroth
    ... btw. this is NOT me :) lars LB. ... -- ... Lars LB. in the mix / BETALOUNGE SF / Jan.4th 2001: http://www.betalounge.com/stuff/lounge1-4-01.ram OUT
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2001
      >X-From_: nobody@... Wed Feb 14 03:40:56 2001
      >Date: Tue, 13 Feb 2001 18:34:21 -0500
      >To: lars@...
      >From: spooner@...
      >Subject: netmix update 2-13-01
      >Whats up with netmix?
      >Well, as you might have noticed some of our archives are not working
      >and our updating has been slow. So what's the deal?
      >Here is the story of what has been going on for the last year:
      >netmix was acquired by Polyverse in June of 2000. Life was good, we were
      >able to update consistently and we had an editorial staff working with
      >us, which made things easier. On October 1st Polyverse ran out of cash,
      >which forced us to let go of editors, lay-off ourselves, trim down our
      >server load (cutting down on archives) and cut back on time spent on the
      >Since then, the netmix founders; Tony Zeoli, Jon Spooner & Lewis
      >Canfield have been busy trying to keep the site alive while keeping
      >themselves alive. And as everyone knows times are tough for Internet
      >So we are reaching out to you, our community of the netmix faithful who
      >have enjoyed the site for the last six years. And ask for any help you
      >can offer. Whether it be room on a server(realaudio or web), any
      >expertise you can lend to the site, any free content management software
      >or just a $1.00 donation to the netmix server fund, anything you can do
      >would help. If you know of any companies interested in what netmix has
      >to offer, please forward on their contact information. And if you can
      >swing us some press about being a dot-com survivor, that would certainly
      >So what does this mean?
      >Netmix is not going away, we are just slowing down a bit, updating once
      >a month. Please continue sending those mixshows, and keep listening.
      >To make a donation to the server fund look for the the "click to give'
      >button on the righthand side of the homepage or go directly here
      >if we can raise $1000/month we can re-release the archives @ T1 quality
      >Feel free to send us an email to let us know how you feel about netmix
      >we could use any words of support... :)
      >Sign up for the Netmix channel on UPOC and receive the latest club
      >and party info, single of the day, and mix CD of the week updates.
      >Also, get Winter Music Conference info right on your cell phone
      >during the conference. Get last minute updates, change of venue info
      >and info on 12"'s that are blowing up at the conference straight to
      >your cellphone, so you don't miss a party or an event.
      >To all labels and promoters: Please send us your WMC EVENT info so we
      >can send out your info through our wireless text messaging service.
      >Terry Lee Brown Jr.
      >Hip Hop
      >Madsol #20 (All new Madsol show w/
      >interviews w/ Mr. Eon, Mr. Khalil)
      >Chris Fortier
      >DJ T-Rock (Atlanta)
      >New Featured Artists
      >DJ Debo - Chrome 01 - Bliss Recordings
      >David Padilla - South Beach Experience - Ultra
      >Chris Fortier - Trance America - Engine
      >Nick Warren - 018 Amsterdam - Global Underground
      >Mistress Barbara - Relentless Beats - Moonshine
      >Terry Lee Brown Jr. - From Dub Til Dawn"
      >New Resident Shows
      >!!!for bookings of any of the netmix residents!!
      >!!!contact Dj Tony Z @ djtonyz@...!!!!!!!
      >DJ Tony Z. #10 - Deep/Tech House
      >DJ Lars #9 - Progressive and New York House

      btw. this is NOT me :)
      lars 'LB.'

      >DJ MCB - Trance
      >To be removed from this mailing list
      >click on the link below

      Lars 'LB.' in the mix / BETALOUNGE SF / Jan.4th 2001:

      OUT NOW:
      B.O.C. Productions - Fall in love - Chez, NYC
      unreleased BOC MIX and remastered ALAN BRAXE RMX.

      coming in January 2001:
      "Minority in terms of thought"
      produced by Daniel Magg & Lars "LB." Behrenroth

      also in 2001 .. Lars 'LB.'s debut album on TOI

      BOC Productions Online @ http://www.housesound.com

      nick:larsLB on #313 --- AOL IM:lbhamburg --- ICQ:32705522
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