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  • Mike Hallenbeck
    Dear friends, Here s hoping you ve had a fine summer. I m taking a few minutes to share some new work with you and update you on my activities of late. I m
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2009
      Dear friends,

      Here's hoping you've had a fine summer. I'm taking a few minutes to share
      some new work with you and update you on my activities of late.

      I'm very excited to present a new collection of audio gathered during
      recent travels. Entitled "Just Before Diwali: Field Recordings from North
      India", it's available as a free mp3 download on the web label Wandering

      And make sure to check out other field recording-related audio from around
      the planet on the Wandering Ear site, which I co-curate with my friend
      Nathan Larson: http://wanderingear.com

      I've also been making some music with friends lately. There's an excerpt
      from a trio of myself, Tim Glenn, and Charles Gillett performing at the
      iQuit music series at Rogue Buddha Gallery in Minneapolis, available on
      the "performances" page of my web site:

      Sometimes I sit in with the amorphous Minneapolis collective Brown
      Rainbow. Recently I got together with Charles Gillett and Jaron Childs for
      a little Brown Rainbow in Charles' basement:

      It's been a crazy year for me... I relocated to Portland OR and then moved
      back to Minneapolis (a long story with a happy ending). In any case, the
      creativity hasn't ceased...

      Recent projects include music composition and audio post production for
      webcasts by the Art and Design College of Pasadena; an original score for
      the short documentary "Mount Pleasant"; music composition + interview
      recording, processing, and remixing for "Project X", an interactive time
      capsule created by Portland OR's Hand2Mouth Theater Company and presented
      at Seattle's 2008 Bumbershoot Festival; live Foley effects for a workshop
      of "Hawking", a play by Lonnie Carter at the Playwrights Center in
      Minneapolis; sound design for "Gender Bender", produced by Mixed Blood
      Theater for the Domestic Abuse Project's "Bridging Perspecives"
      conference; and voiceover recording for Laura Holway's "Edina State of
      Mind" dance piece at the Soap Factory's Artery 24 presentation.

      Recently I mixed location audio on set for web trailers produced by the
      Playwrights Center, and I'll be diving into original music and audio post
      production for these soon. Always new projects on the horizon... stay

      And please forgive me if this message is a dupe. I tried to send it to
      this group before, but it doesn't look like it went through.


      Mike Hallenbeck
      sound art : http://www.juniorbirdman.com/archive
      resume : http://www.juniorbirdman.com/sound
      blog : http://synchingship.blogspot.com
      Twitter: http://twitter.com/juniorbirdman
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